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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica pres Brett Johnson

Viva la Electronica pres Brett Johnson
Release Date
March 25, 2015

Viva la Electronica pres Brett Johnson

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  • Viva la Electronica pres Brett Johnson

Viva la Electronica close the Etruria beat Special showcase with the final show made by Brett Johnson.
With influences ranging from early house and disco to turntablism and techno, Brett Johnson successfully straddles the line between knowledgeable “thinking man’s” DJ and genuine, primal floor-filler. Brett’s sound is best known as groovy, bumping house with a hearty dose of techno elements, crafted and mixed in a way that is truly identifiable as his own. Whether DJing or creating music, his wild card is an ability to inject warmth and soul into his electronic sound.

The result is an impressive discography filled with unique statements, otherworldly surprises, and undeniable club stompers. Releasing his first record in 1999 on the now defunct, Aesoteric Records, Brett has released over 100 records and remixes for some of dance music’s best labels. The list includes Crosstown Rebels, Classic Music Company, 20/20 Vision, Get Physical, Visionquest, Magnetic, Freerange, Cynosure, F-Communications; the list goes on and on. Aside from a busy remix schedule, Brett is currently releasing his own music on the labels Visionquest, Classic Music Company, Get Physical and Cynosure Recordings.

Enjoy Viva la Electronica pres Brett Johnson


01.Cornwallis – At The Disco
02.Venus – Sunshine People (Pepe Bradock Remix) – Versatile
04.Nail – Say What
05.Studio 45 – Freak It! (John Ciafone Full Swing Dub)
06.?????? 7.Formidable Force – Mind Games (Brett Johnson Remix)
08.Little by Little – Stress
09.Crackazat – Somewhere Else
10.Lucio Aquilina – My Cube
11.Speed Baby – Carsten Edit
12.Stephanie Cooke – Holding On To Your Love (Mood II Swing Dub)
13.Fort Romeau – Insides
14.Deetron, Delv!s – Insatiable
15.Uffe – Lemon Nights
16.Rhode, Brown – Make Believe Ballroom (Glenn Astro Remix)
17.Ronnie Dyson – All Over Your Face (JM After-Session M&M Mix)

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