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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica pres Drumcomplex

Viva la Electronica pres Drumcomplex
Release Date
November 11, 2014

Viva la Electronica pres Drumcomplex

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  • Viva la Electronica pres Drumcomplex (Crossing Borders Album Mix)

We are happy to present a fresh mix from our homie Drumcomplex who just released his first album on Intec Digital together with his studio partner Roel Salemink called Crossing Borders.

October 20th 2014 sees two rising techno talents Drumcomplex & Roel Salemink return to dance musics seminal imprint Intec to bring you their highly anticipated debut album entitled Crossing Borders. This outstanding 12-track offering comes after their acclaimed Priority EP release on Intec earlier this year plus a wealth of successful label releases from artists such as Nicole Moudaber, Harvey McKay, Tomy DeClerque, Carlo Lio, Mattew Jay, Mark Fanciulli and the imprints co-leaders Jon Rundell and Carl Cox. Crossing Borders has been specifically crafted with the dancefoor in mind and the aim to take you on an alluring aural journey though some of the worlds finest techno. This captivating long-player boasts many highlights, kicking off with its impressive opener AMF which incorporates slick drum programming, hypnotic synth lines and immersive percussive elements. The album progresses by showcasing a plethora of supreme club cuts including the moody tech-roller Bullet In My Head, the pounding peak-time dancefloor destroyer Clockwork and the albums sublime bassline focused title track Crossing Borders. Further high points include the powerful, tense and uncompromising Roaring plus the melodic synth-led future classic The Force which brings the album and mania to a dramatic end. Crossing Borders is a very confident and imaginative debut album from two incredibly talented and dynamic producers. Every track has been tweaked to perfection for your listening pleasure so theres no doubt that youll be hearing them played by technos DJ elite from Berlin to Tokyo for months and years to come. Crossing Borders is available on Beatport exclusively from October 22nd and the rest of the world two weeks later.

Who has not at some point asked the question „How complex can Techno be?“ As far as Drumcomplex is concerned, the answer must be: Techno can reach a degree of complexity that gets the utmost out of studio work and live performances through a perfect division of work – and has been doing so for the past ten years and more. This is also reflected in the discography: These two cover a range of prestigious Techno and TechHouse labels that would have others drooling: MB Elektronics, Phobiq, Different is Different Records,Toolroom Records, Railyard Recordings, Resopal, Schallware, Definition Records, SK Supreme Records, Techno League Rec, K:lender. Firing on all cylinders, and an emphatically recommended sound system since 2003 is the upshot of all the hard work in the studio which has earned the label mass movement phenomenon over many years.

And what about out there, in front of the crowds?
This will raise a smile on the face of anyone who has ever seen Arnd perform in front of a crowd. And why? Because one might well ask the question how, after 20 years of DJing, someone can be so light-hearted and level-headed in their approach at the same time. Maybe it is just that magical spark from the first hour of Techno‘s unspoiled core that flares up at each of his sets, and always illumines the crowd a little bit as well. All that acting up around the DJ booth is certainly not for him. Arnd is the DJ who does not disappear backstage to sip champagne when he is done; he is the fan who celebrates the records of the next act together with the rest of the crowd. It is this open and honest style that brings this „Drumcomplex“ to people in such a simple manner, so that no one in the crowd is able to resist its almost childlike charisma. A spark of harmony that would be nice to see more frequently on the scene again.

PATRICK BERGTechno is an outburst of the soul