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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica pres Paula Cazenave

Viva la Electronica pres Paula Cazenave
Release Date
May 27, 2014

Viva la Electronica pres Paula Cazenave

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  • Viva la Electronica pres Paula Cazenave

Viva la Electronica is proud to present one of the relevant female djs & producers in Spain: Paula Cazenave

She started her career in 1996 and has played in the most important venues and festivals of Spain and also in other countries like France, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia, Portugal, Germany & Brazil. Her style is Techno (Hard, Groovy, Dark or Minimal) and Tech-House depending on the venue and the crowd but always with energetic mixing skills and a great connection with the clubbers.

As a producer she has released Techno tracks at labels like Patterns , Special Series, Audio Family , Amigos rec, Ignored rec , Virale, Basics , Grind , Conect-a, Platinium rec, Amigos, Undershape, Hypnohouse Trax, Mintec Musik, Actinium rec…

She has two different projects of Techno with her mate A.Professor, under which they produce tracks and perform 4 decks sets:

– Daisychain – Hargroove Techno with a funky and tribal touch.
– Secret Labz – Tough driving Techno with dark sounds.

One of the highlights of her producer career is that in 2009 she and her mate A.Professor (under the name of “Daisychain”) released a bomb called “Mamasei” at Special Series label which had a lot of success in the techno scene. The vinyl edition was sold out in a short time having to re-press it several times and this track was in the Techno top sales during the whole year, charted and played in events and festivals arround the world by a lot of well known international djs. This was a step forward in the trajectory of the couple that began to be recognized in the Techno circuit.

She is the label owner of Grind Records which have the support from djs like Ben Sims, Paul Mac, The Advent, dj Murphy, Dylan Drazen, Cristian Varela, among others.

Other projects:
System Exclusive (SysEx) with Adriana Lopez (Dark Techno / Minimal Techno)
Ladies Room with Daniela Haverbeck (Techno & Hardgroove)

Next label project: Skillz label with Dj Murphy and A.Professor.


Cristian Varela – Pornogames (Balthazar & JackRock Remix)
Carlos Beltran – Awakenings
DJ Link – Red
Michel Lauriola – 350
Matias Bagato – Cosmos
Jamie Fullick – Rylee
Jean Agoriia – Ak-47 (Paula Cazenave remix)
Catmer – Phantom
Pedro Delgardo & Miquel – Bells (MAAE remix)
Mastrantonio – Transport
Nelman – Lush
Chris Liven – Disconnection
Osclighter – Groove Control
Mid Wooder – Replicant
Alberto Santana – Access
Edelstahl – Prometeus
Jam Cell – Spider’s Last Stand
Robert Natus – Spektrum Paranoid (Gene Karz & Maller Remix)
David Meiser – Distress
Mark Morris – Withered In The Cold

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