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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica Techno Edition pres Chris von B

Viva la Electronica Techno Edition pres Chris von B
Release Date
September 9, 2015

Viva la Electronica Techno Edition pres Chris von B

 1 Tracks
  • Viva la Electronica Techno Edition

    Viva la Electronica Techno Edition

    “Viva la Electronica Techno Edition ” from Viva la Electronica Techno Edition Podcast by Viva la Electronica Techno Edition pres Chris von B.. Released: 9. Track 1. Genre: Techno.

The Techno Edition goes on with a new talent from Berlin. Chris von B. was born in Essen in Germany and grew up in a small city in the area surrounding the Ruhr – Velbert.
His musical interests were very versatile in his youth; his taste was affected by many different genres.
Because of his friends, he early recognized his favor for Hip-Hop as well as for electronic music. Soon he knew where his journey should go to and in the age of 14 he started his career. His first walk to a record shop? – Done!
He only bought what he liked to hear and what sounded good to him, simply because he did not know better. And by and by his love to techno music grew stronger and stronger.
Obsessed with the electronic sound, Chris von B. got to know the scene better and from that time on he knew he never wanted to leave again.

With 19 he absolutely wanted to go back to his roots, to Berlin, not only the capital city from Germany, but also the capital city from techno.
There his taste developed and stabilized more and more.
Affected by the dart sound of the Berlin clubs, like Berghain or Tresor, he found his own style very fast and soon he recorded and published his first own sets.
He immediately knew, he wanted more and with a strong belief in himself, he had his first gig 2015 at his place of birth – in Essen.
The following bookings for Essen and as well for Berlin were confirmed as fast as possible and then he had his second gig at the newcomer event “Resole” in the Frohnatur in Essen.
In April followed his benefit on the newcomer contest from Subkultur Bochum, where Chris von B. became the opportunity to show what he got on the festival “Licht ist Musik ist Abenteuer”.
After numerous successful gigs in Berlin and the area all around the Ruhr, he won the newcomer contest from “Sound of Butan” in the Butan club in Wuppertal, where he got the chance to close the main floor next to Marcel Fengler.
By having gigs in clubs as the “Brunnen 70”, the “MAGDAlena” and some others of the Berlin scene, he is on a very good way to establish himself with his dark, coltish sound.

Enjoy Viva la Electronica Techno Edition pres Chris von B.


  1. Cryptik – Phantoms (Original Mix)
  2. Bas Mooy – Nearby Silent Horses (Original Mix)
  3. Cleric – Restore (Original Mix)
  4. Flug – Mental Disorder (Original Mix)
  5. Jonas Kopp – Mountak (Original Mix)
  6. Hans Bouffmyhre & Kyle Geiger – Your Turn (Original Mix)
  7. Bas Mooy – Men On Wire (Original Mix)
  8. Dax J – Rebirth (Original Mix)
  9. The Advent & Jason Fernandes – Dissonating (Original Mix)
  10. The Advent & Jason Fernandes – Reap What You Sow (Luigi Madonna Dub Mix)
  11. Len Faki – For Real (Original Mix)
  12. Skober – Resonator (Maae Remix)
  13. Cleric – Blitz (Original Mix)
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