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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica Ultra pres Bego

Viva la Electronica Ultra pres Bego
Release Date
February 7, 2014

Viva la Electronica Ultra pres Bego

Viva la Electronica ULTRA goes on with the next show after a little break. This week we want to introduce an other young and verry talented Dj from the Ruhr Area in Germany. Hands up for Bego!

Bego´s enthusiasm and passion for making music of his own made Bego started making music at the age of 14. At first he performed at different houseparties with ultrasound accompanied by the support of his friends, but for Bego it was not enough to just play the sounds of other artists. Thereupon he began to record his own songs with the help of FL-Studios. Bego in person put together some tougher music, but initially produced tracks with a deeper house sound and so he got more and more into the progressive house music.

After a few years of producing, Bego formed a DJ-Couple with one of his best friends when he was 18. It did not take much time until he got his first recording contract in the “progressive house” scene with the Spanish label “We love House”. Unfortunately, in the same year the duo separated because of private problems.

In this time Bego tried to search for something new and gathered influence from different parts of electronic music (for example Dubstep, Trap, Goa, Acid etc.). Most of those genres were played on kind of alternative parties which is why Bego got into the world of underground music and arouse a deep connection and passion for techno.

After a brief hiatus he continued producing music again. He achieved a higher level and this reflects in his music until today. He fell in love with the deep and impulsive music but the rougher sounds also gave him pleasure. This is still evident in his sets. He was affected by artists such as “Leftwing&Kody”, “Solomun”, “Lexer” and “Oliver Schories” but also by performers such as “Adam Beyer” or “Len Faki”. After years of hard work and dedication, many people say that Bego has developed his own individual style.

His first real techno gig was in August 2013 at the event “Resole”, where he met Nivo and Zanjack Zamurai. With them as accomplices he formed his own event “Choreomanie” on the 8th of November 2013.

Maybe this is a sign that 2014 will be a very successful year…

1. Martin Accorsi, Brett Sylvia – Say It (Original Mix)
2. Huxley – Inkwell (Original Mix)
3. Steve Bone & Marlon Hoffstadt – Girl (Original Mix)
4. Leftwing & Kody- I Know (Original Mix)
5. Stefano Amalfi, Robbie Groove – Dirty
6. Ron Costa – Please Replug It (Original Mix)
7. Thomas Schumacher – Hush (Catz ‘n Dogz 2013 Remix)
8. Snaz & Guzz – Pumping (Original Mix)
9. Kort, Lorenzo Hall – My Time (Original Mix)
10. Max Bett, Tesla – Bassline Heaven (Original Mix)
11. Pleasurekraft, Jaceo, Vedic – 212 (Original Mix)
12. Jay Lumen – Nobody (Original Mix)

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