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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Carl Benson

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Carl Benson
Release Date
January 26, 2015

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Carl Benson

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  • Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Carl Benson

The new podcast in the ULTRA series is mixed by the German based DJ Carl Benson.

First self-organised parties, Stylecharts, a steadily growing booking network… defining his sound went hand-in-hand with building up a fan base. At Studio Club Essen he found home, not only from a musical point of view, turning the dj booth into his navigation bridge. As the clubs first official resident, Carl continuously proved himself by playing next to international DJ legends and not rarely turned out as the joker of the night himself. Mighty beats, galactic grooves and an incomparable hit rate when it comes to choosing the next perfect track, the Benson-trademark-sound is difficult to explain, but even harder to resist. And it has become an integral part of clubs and festivals all over Nordrhein-Westfalen. With a pair of decks and a crowd in front of him, he’s literally performing to his best, turning each of his set into an unforgettable saga. His other trademark, the obligatory towel around his neck, is never to be missed.

With ‘Glück Auf’ the fellow resident is currently hosting his very own club night at Studio Club Essen in partnership with Frau Schwarzmann, proving local patriotism by setting the spotlight strictly on promising talents hailing from the Rhine-Ruhr area.

And even though to his own regrets he’s not the bloody son of Darth Vader, he certainly is a true Jedi of the West German techno alliance.


1. Matt Sassari, Matt Mor – Modelisme Portatif (Original Mix)
2. Paul Ritch – Pulse (Ron Costa Remix)
3. Ramiro Lopez – Backtrip (Original Mix)
4. Adam Beyer – Valium & LFO´s (Original Mix)
5. Raffaele Rizzi – Open Grave (Original Mix)
6. Ramiro Lopez – Masoul (Original Mix)
7. Hugo Bianco – Taurus (Gaga Remix)
8. Him Self Her – Don’t Fail Me Now Feat. Calder (Dubspeeka Remix)
9. Maceo Plex – Conjure Floyd (Original Mix)
10. Sam Paganini – Another Chance (Original Mix)
11. Tony Dee – Noise of Shadow (Hollen Remix)
12. Lorenzo Navarro – The Next Ship (Original Club Mix)
13. Sam Paganini – Rave (Original Mix)

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