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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Kaiser

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Kaiser
Release Date
March 23, 2015

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Kaiser

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  • Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Kaiser

Viva la Electronica ULTRA presents an other new talent from Italy called Kaiser. He is the appellative of which Gianluca Caiati has appropriated since the distant 2007, when from the 13 year-old it made the first footsteps on the old turntables.

Impassioned since love of the techno music for many years ago, he founds again him self now to compose a very sought after sound and influenced by acid, dub and hard sonority.
He has performed in several Italian and foreign clubs that will review many more committed to dates.

The time now is resident in the Nox Club of Bari in southern Italy, where for several seasons alongside artists of the highest caliber.

During his career he has performed with: Len Faki, Dasha Rush, Jonas Kopp, Radio Slave, Ilario Alicante, Luca Agnelli, Marco Faraone, Mass Prod, Marc Houle, Camea & Kiki, Nôze, Fabrizio Maurizi, Craig Richards, Cassegrain and many more …
He has stamped under various labels of tall caliber under another name, but now it is definite to continue for his road under this appellative that recognizes him from a whole life…


01. Roman Poncet – Afterglow
02. Jonas Kopp – Starbust
03. Shekon – Badtrip (MTD Remix)
04. Shekon – Rotor (Charles Fenckler Remix)
05. Jonas Kopp – Drummo
06. Roman Poncet – Circle
07. Kobosil – Osmium
08. Cassegrain – Intrude-Restrain
09. Svreca – Overgang (Oscar Mulero Remix)
10. Planetary Assoult System – Future ModularSlam
11. Slam – 3.8’
12. Xhei – Self Contained’

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