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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Reboot

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Reboot
Release Date
September 4, 2014

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Reboot

The Viva gang are a big fans, since years of this big german guy. So we decide to re-broadcast this live recorded set from Reboot, to bring back the summer vibe and maybe some memories of a good time on the Island. Reboot played in the late evening hours at Cafe Mambo to warm up the people before the Vagabundos crew switched over to the fabulous Amnesia where Luciano celebrates his new Event called Origins.

His inquisitive musical nature pushed Reboot to constantly experiment with new sounds and rhythms. This has allowed him to develop into a compelling performer who feels equally at home behind the decks or playing live. Reboot’s musical journey has spanned the world, traveling to temples of techno such as Womb (Tokyo), Fabric (London), and Cocoon (Frankfurt), in addition to more intimate settings such as Robert Johnson (Frankfurt) and Brazil’s legendary D-Edge.Reboot has joined the ranks of some of the most respected names in the techno realm, playing a pivitol role in Cocoon’sDisco Invaders compilation and Cadenza’s Æther. In 2009, he mixed the epic “From Frankfurt to Mannheim” compilation for Cecille Records. Some of his most celebrated tracks include “Be Tougher / Letters” (Candenza) and “Caminando” (Seies Drum).

In 2010, Reboot released his eagerly awaited debut artist album “Shunyata”. This distillation of two decades immersed in music, “Shunyata” is the sound of an artist in full command of his medium, mingling intelligent and exotic sound structures with the propulsive, dance floor consciousness that has earned him fans across the globe. The word “shunyata” is rooted in Sanskrit and means emptiness, however, as thrilled audiences will agree, Reboot has redefined this word for the 21st century with a full and wholesome sound.Following the success of “Shunyata” and his performances in Ibiza, Spain, he has carried his musical endeavors throughout the world at major festivals and nightclubs including the Stereosonic Festival (Australia), Winter Music conference (Miami, FL, USA), Electric Zoo (New York, USA), Zouk (Singapore), D-Edge (Brazil), Creamfields (Brazil), and practically every major club in Europe. 2013 kicked off with an extended tour of the United States which included performances at word-renowned venues such as Club SpaceMiami, Story, Nikki Beach Miami, and Delano. His summer 2013 tour primarily focuses on Europe.

Reboot’s very own Rock N’ Beats party at the UshuaïaTower (Ibiza), was launched in 2013 and works to integrate classic Rock and Roll with today’s electronic music. Rock N’ Beats is areflection of how DJs now play the role of rock bands from days gone by. This event will melt down different elements of music and brings the focus to other notable styles of music outside of the electronic music genre. “It’s all about staying open-minded and finding new ways to present an electronic dance night”, says Reboot. Rock N’ Beats also marks the beginning of Reboot’s new company, Noon Artists, for which he will serve as the principal artist.

PATRICK BERGTechno is an outburst of the soul