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Viva la Electronica

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Toms Due

Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Toms Due

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  • Viva la Electronica ULTRA pres Toms Due

Viva la Electronica ULTRA presents Toms Due a collective name that includes Edo Rinaldi and Christian Latronico, young DJs / producers. They appeared to be the most acclaimed animators of the house/techno scene in Modena, north of Italy. Mainly related to the experience of Gallery Club and The One, well-known parties in which they are residents. In 2012 they started their cooperation with the Etruria Beat label, founded by Luca Agnelli and Marco Faraone. Their track “Part of It” was included in the “Bud Sampler” in 2013 received loads of feedbacks from international artists such as Dan Drastic, Satoshi Tomiie, James Zabiela, Tobi Neumann, Reset Robot, Re.You, Mauro Picotto and many more. Now duo is about to release a remix of “Bastinov – Ellipse”, techno dance floor track included in the upcoming Ep on Etruria Beat, out in October 2014. Besides to their production commitments, the duo is also engaging many collaborations with clubs and dj residents from all over Europe, especially in London. Recently, they built up a new party in the heart of East London, called “We don’t sync So”, showing up at Dance Tunnel, Dalston Superstore and more clubs soon. Stay tuned and follow them around!

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  1. Chevel – Own (Original Mix)
  2. Stephan Hinz – Doch (Original Mix)
  3. Auden – Flux (Original Mix)
  4. Roman Flügel – The Odd Lobster (Original Mix)
  5. Toms due – The Bridge (Original Mix) S
  6. ecluded – Remember (Woo York Remix)
  7. Möd3rn – Mö7 (Original Mix)
  8. Truncate – Diffraction (Jonas Kopp Remix)
  9. Makam – Lion King (Original Mix)
  10. Johannes Heil – Transition Two (Original Mix)
  11. Slam – Pattern A3 (Bleak’s Modular Interpretation)
  12. Voiski – A Sad Party (L.I.E.S
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