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Viva la Electronica


Artist Name
Till von Sein
Birth Place
Pets Recordings

TILL VON SEIN  Biography

Alongside his trademark sound, Till von Sein exudes an aura of noble grandeur mixed with the genuine enthusiasm of a child with a favourite toy when he’s busy in the DJ booth. But Tilly’s toy, which in this case is house and its countless derivatives, won’t ever end up forgotten in the corner. Long after the wrapping paper has been thrown away, what Till loves has yet to lose its magic. For von Sein, the sound of an 808 clap triggers a state of ecstasy, which in his hands emerges as pure euphoria on the dance floor. Time and again, his thumping transitions and heart-racing sets send listeners into overdrive, revealing the very core of house, soul and techno, while hitting on just what makes these genres so exciting.

Despite his intimate knowledge of the industry, which might allow him to slip easily into a been-there-done-that attitude, Till von Sein shows non-stop enthusiasm. For the last ten years, he has run the internationally active Clique Bookings at the side of Claudia Marquardt. More recently, his work as a producer has grown to encompass a vast catalogue of releases on labels such as Suol, Dirt Crew and Supplement Facts. He has collaborated with artists such as Tigerskin, Aera, Chopstick and Catz’n’Dogz, and his DJ work has long been a fixture in the international club scene. After his 2011 solo album “#LTD” (Suol), von Sein enjoyed a fully booked calendar and successful tour through South Africa, Japan, USA and Europe. He continues to ride a wave of success. In 2013, he released his personal contribution to the Suol Mates mix series, and further EP releases are in the works. Upcoming projects for 2014 include a new solo album and a project with producer and friend Tigerskin.


Till von Sein Booking :
inbal@windishagency.com ( North & Southamerica )


SUOL, Pets Recordings, Dirt Crew Recordings, Morris Audio City Sport, Supplement Facts, Trenton



Till von Sein – Fishhoek EP (Bodytalk Music)
Till von Sein – Gestern  (Morris Audio Citysport Edition)
Till von Sein – Hank Moody (Morris Audio Citysport Edition)
Till von Sein – Sein Days (Morris / Audio)
Till von Sein – Lied 9 EP (Trenton Records)
Till von Sein – India In Ihr (Channels Records)
Till von Sein – Ovaz EP (Dirt Crew Recordings)
Till von Sein – Sundowna (Supplement Facts)
Till von Sein – The 61 Jamz (Suol)
Till von Sein – #LTD (album) (Suol)
Till von Sein – Reworks incl Kollektiv Turmstrasse,SLG and Erdbeerschnitzel Remix (Suol)
Till von Sein – Reworks incl Boo Williams & Chez Damier Remix (Suol)
Till Von Sein – LE 61 WURX (Suol)
Till von Sein – Suolmates Mix CD ( Suol)
Till von Sein – Da Beach Bum EP ( Suol)
Till von Sein feat Meggy – Blindin ( Pets Recordings )

Till von Sein & Tigerskin – The Sein Of The Tiger (Morris / Audio)
Till von Sein & Tigerskin – Isle Of Sahne (Dirt Crew Recordings)
Till von Sein & Tigerskin – Wes T Snipes & Osten Powers (Dirt Crew Recordings)
Till von Sein & Tigerskin – Good Times on the Reg EP ( Dirt Crew Recordings)
Till von Sein & Tigerskin – Molly Brown ( Dirt Crew Recordings )
Till von Sein & Tigerskin – 7477 ( Dirt Crew Recordings )

Till von Sein & Aera – Angel Of The A7 (Trenton Records)
Till von Sein & Aera – Deeds (Trenton Records)
Till von Sein & Aera – Lafayette Dynamite Dunk EP (Pets Rec)

Till von Sein & Chopstick – Ten EP (Baalsaal Music)
Till von Sein & Chopstick – Pure 18 EP (Suol)


Reynold – Straight Into The Wall (Till Von Sein Remix) (Trenton Records)
Deo & Z-Man – No Need For A School Graduation EP ( Till von Sein Remix )(Subconce Digital)
Mirco Violi & Fabio Giannelli & Sercan – Get Around (Till Von Sein Remix) (International Freakshow)
Kiki & Sasse – Belvedere (Till von Sein Remix) (Moodmusic)
Penner & Muder – Are you lost (Chopstick & Till Von Sein Vodoo Dub) (Moodmusic)
Andry Nalin- Sundaze Stringz (Till von Sein Remix) (Plastic City)
Soul Clap – Grown-n-sexy (Chopstick & Till Von Sein “Tilly’s 61 Rhodes Jam”) (Airdrop rec)
Rodney Hunter – Freak On (Chopstick & Till Von Sein rmx) (Ministry Of Sound)
Adam Port – Chemistry (Catz ‘n Dogz & Till Von Sein Remix) (Keinemusik)
Chopstick & Johnjon Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner – A New Day (Till Von Sein A New Dub) (Baalsaal Music)
Chopstick & Johnjon Feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner – Keep On Keepin’ On (Till Von Sein & Aera Paradise Dub) (Suol)
Findling & Lihab –  Ol’ Times (Till Von Sein & Chopstick Remix) (Soulffooled)
Geddes & Mic Newman – Rework (Chopstick & Tilly Remix)  (Murmur Records)
Kev Obrien – Sometimes I Wonder (Till Von Sein Remix) (Loco Records Supreme)
Kaos – Horny Morning Loop (Till von Sein & Aera Monday Morning Acid Dub) (Jolly Jams)
Heiko Laux + Teo Schulte – Can’t Unspill The Milk – Suol Hug (Till Von Sein Last Minute Doom Dub) (Suol)
Mercury – Candlelight EP  (Till Von Sein Remix) (Gomma Dance Tracks)
Terranova – Make Me Feel (Till Von Sein Mix) (Kompakt )
Rampa & Re.You Feat. Meggy – My Life  My Life (Till Von Sein & Tigerskin Remix) (Rebirth)
Kasper Bjørke with Jacob Bellens – Lose Yourself To Jenny (Till Von Sein 4,5 Minutes In Essex 1992 Jam) (HFN Music)
Joash – Don’t Fear It, Fight It / Salome The Simple Things (Till Von Sein – 61 Jam) (Compost Black Label)
Ceasar Coronado – Voodoo ( Till von Sein Remix ) – Fiakun
Fetsum – Waiting for you ( Till von Sein & Tigerskin Remix ) – Sonar Kollektiv
Chasing Kurt – From the Inside ( Till von Sein & Tigerskin Remix ) – Suol
Deo & Zman – XTC – (Till von Sein Remix ) – Hafendisko

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